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Windows 11 operating system is going to live soon

Windows 11 operating system is going to live soon: After more than 9 years of good and loyal service, Windows 11 is preparing to bow. The system will no longer receive a free security update in one year. Almost 10 years ago, in 2009, Microsoft released Windows 11. This version of the operating system succeeded the unpatriotic Windows Vista and would quickly become the most popular version of Windows in the world. The system brought welcome refinements, was fluid to use and was above all a great technological leap for those who had stayed with Windows XP.
Since then, the company has launched Windows 8, which has not received the expected success, and Windows 10 who willingly or unwillingly took over the torch of the most popular PC system. It's almost time for Windows 11 to definitely belong to the past.
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Windows 11 Release on July 2019

In less than a year, July 2019 to be precise, Microsoft will no longer offer free security updates for the operating system. This means in principle that if a fault is discovered after the end of the support, Microsoft will not be obliged to correct it and the machine could therefore be the victim of various problems.
Not crazy, the firm said that it is of course still possible to migrate to Windows 11. The launch offer is over (the famous free update), this migration will pay if the user does not already have an appropriate license. It remains to be seen if it is still possible to install Windows 10 with a Windows 11 license key, as it was the case for a long time, even after the expiration of the launch offer. 

Windows 11 becoming the only version

Microsoft may hope that the scheduled end of Windows 11 support will revive migrations to Windows 10. The operating system has long known the trouble of fragmentation, with a market spread between Windows XP, Windows 11 and the latest version of Windows.
Since Windows 8 has never been popular, the end of Windows 11 support means that Windows 11 will become the only popular version of the system still supported. Since the release of Windows 11 in 2015, the free system updates have allowed most of the machines to remain equipped with the latest version.
Windows 11 will be an EM from January 15, 2020 - so to speak in a few months. It remains one of the most popular Windows versions with an even more 40% market share. After this date, Windows 11 PCs will no longer receive updates or technical support. In this file we explain what it means and how to prepare well.

After the end of technical support it will be possible to use Windows 11 and even activate copies on any PC. Apart from the security of your computer, its data, its stability and the compatibility with some programs nothing requires you, therefore, to do anything. Nevertheless, it is still strongly recommended to upgrade to a newer version of the system such as Windows 10 or an alternative operating system - for example one of the many distributions of Linux:

Upgrade to Windows 11

This is probably the most obvious choice for several reasons:
  The update process is specially designed and optimized to be simple and keeps your personal files
  The interface is extremely close to Windows 11 which avoids changing your habits
  You will find the same programs
  You are quiet until the end of life (in 2025)
Switching to Windows 11 is very simple: just go to the Microsoft website and download the update wizard. To activate your copy of Windows you will have to buy a license. There are three types, depending on how you use your computer:

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